Football Manager Competition

Competition Fixtures

Saturday 21 February

Aston Villa V Stoke
Chelsea V Burnley
Crystal Palace V Arsenal
Hull V QPR
Sunderland V West Brom
Swansea V Man Utd
Man City V Newcastle

Sunday 22 February

Tottenham V West Ham
Everton V Leicester
Southampton V Liverpool

Saturday 28 February

West Ham V Crystal Palace
Burnley V Swansea
Man Utd V Sunderland
Newcastle V Aston Villa
Stoke V Hull
West Brom V Southampton
Leicester P-P Chelsea

Sunday 1 March

Liverpool V Man City
Arsenal V Everton

Tuesday 3 March

Aston Villa V West Brom
Hull V Sunderland
Southampton V Crystal palace

Wednesday 4 March

Man City V Leicester
Newcastle V Man Utd
QPR V Arsenal
Stoke V Everton
Tottenham V Swansea
West Ham V Chelsea
Liverpool V Burnely

Saturday 7 March

QPR V Tottenham

Saturday 14 March

Crystal Palace V QPR
Arsenal V West Ham
Everton V Newcastle
Leicester V Hull
Sunderland V Aston Villa
West Brom V Stoke
Burnley V Man City

Sunday 15 March

Chelsea V Southampton
Man Utd V Tottenham

Monday 16 March

Swansea V Liverpool

Saturday 21 March

Man City V West Brom
Aston Villa V Swansea
Newcastle V Arsenal
QPR V Everton
Southampton V Burnley
Stoke V Crystal Palace
Tottenham V Leicester
West Ham V Sunderland

Sunday 22 March

Liverpool V Man Utd
Hull V Chelsea

Saturday 4 April

Arsenal V Liverpool
Burnley V Tottenham
Chelsea V Stoke
Crystal Palace V Man City
Everton V Southampton
Leicester V West Ham
Man Utd V Aston Villa
Sunderland V Newcastle
West Brom V QPR

Saturday 11 April

Burnley V Arsenal
Liverpool V Newcastle
Man Utd V Man City
QPR V Chelsea
Southampton V Hull
Sunderland V Crystal Palace
Swansea V Everton
Tottenham V Aston Villa
West Brom V Leicester
West Ham V Stoke

Saturday 18 April

Arsenal V Sunderland
Aston Villa V QPR
Chelsea V Man Utd
Crystal Palace V West Brom
Everton V Burnley
Hull V Liverpool
Leicester V Swansea
Man City V West Ham
Newcastle V Tottenham
Stoke V Southampton

Saturday 25 April

Arsenal V Chelsea
Burnley V Leicester
Crystal Palace V Hull
Everton V Aston Villa
Newcastle V Swansea
QPR V West Ham
Southampton V Tottenham
Stoke V Sunderland
West Brom V Liverpool

Saturday 2 May

Aston Villa V Everton
Chelsea V Crystal Palace
Hull V Arsenal
Leicester V Newcastle
Liverpool V QPR
Man Utd V West Brom
Sunderland V Southampton
Swansea V Stoke
Tottenham V Man City
West Ham V Burnley

Saturday 9 May

Arsenal V Swansea
Aston Villa V West Ham
Chelsea V Liverpool
Crystal Palace V Man Utd
Everton V Sunderland
Hull V Burnley
Leicester V Southampton
Man City V QPR
Newcastle V West Brom
Stoke V Tottenham

Saturday 16 May

Burnley V Stoke
Liverpool V Crystal Palace
Man Utd V Arsenal
QPR V Newcastle
Southampton V Aston Villa
Sunderland V Leicester
Swansea V Man City
Tottenham V Hull
West Brom V Chelsea
West Ham V Everton

Sunday 24 May

Arsenal V West Brom
Aston Villa V Burnley
Chelsea V Sunderland
Crystal Palace V Swansea
Everton V Tottenham
Hull V Man Utd
Leicester V QPR
Man City V Southampton
Newcastle V West Ham
Stoke V Liverpool

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